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OPTEX Outdoor Security System:
Safer, and More Secure
Level Surveillance [Key Point to Achieve Advanced Security]

When a general-purpose mechanical security system is installed, detectors are located inside a building and a monitoring station is notified if an intruder is detected within.

In order to increase the effectiveness of such a security system, Optex recommends not only securing the inside of the building but also adding surveillance to the perimeter area and boundary of the property.

Optex has developed a system of enhanced outdoor surveillance that is capable of forestalling unauthorized entry into a building. By integrating outdoor and indoor surveillance, this system creates a defense line incorporating three warning levels targeting the perimeter of the property, the boundary of the building, and the indoor area. As a result, we can greatly strengthen and improve crime prevention.

Optex RXC-ST Indoor Motion Sensor (C ZONE)

RXC-ST features digital target recognition and is suitable for Grade 2 residential, commercial or industrial applications.

RXC-ST has 78 dense zones to cover the whole coverage. At any spot within the coverage more than 4 (quad ) zones are utilized to verify if it should generate alarm or not. Providing digital quantification of infrared energy, RX-CORE'S enhanced accuracy in both human detection and pet immunity.

Optex BX Shield Outdoor Motion Sensor (B ZONE)

The BX Shield is a series of curtain outdoor motion sensors with up to 12m detection range on each side. Ideal to detect people in the immediate boundary of your home or office building, the outdoor detectors feature four PIRs, two on each side. The left and right detection area can be set up completely independently from each other. 

Optex WXI Outdoor Motion Sensor (B ZONE)

Part of the WXI series, a range of 12m 180 degree outdoor volumetric PIRs, the WXI-ST is the wired model. With its comprehensive 180° field of view and capabilities to adapt its settings to the environment around your premises, the WXI series will provide an effective intrusion detection sensor for new and existing security systems. The left and right alarm detection areas can be set independently at 2.5m, 3.5m, 6m, 8.5m and 12m.

Optex HX80N Outdoor Motion Sensor (A ZONE)

The HX-80N PIRs are mounted between 2.5 and 3 meter high and provide a narrow volumetric outdoor intrusion detection up to 24m. The HX-80N series is ideal to protect alleyways, areas along fences or the immediate approach to a building. It has been designed to differentiate between human and small to medium sized animals reducing a lot the risk of false alarm. The HX-80N is the standard hard-wired model.

Optex AX-130TN Outdoor Motion Sensor (A ZONE)

The AX-130TN Series of short range photoelectric detectors (40m) are compact in design with IP65 high durable structure. Rubber packing is used for all conceivable points where water, dust or bugs may penetrate, such as wiring holes, wire ports and the outer chassis. Preventing these factors helps deliver performance with higher reliability in severe outdoor environmental condition. In addition, the length between the upper and lower optics, and the width of the optics are ideally engineered to produce the most intelligent detection pattern which reduces false alarms by detecting human intruders only.

Optex SL-200/650QN Outdoor Motion Sensor (A ZONE)

SL-200QN is a 100m outdoor active infrared (AIR) beam set.

SL-650QN is a 200m outdoor active infrared (AIR) beam set, wired which is designed for perimeter security. It can also be connected to an IP network when used in conjunction with our IP/POE module, the PIE-1.

Should we increase the number of surveillance cameras? Or should we go with an outdoor security system?

A home with a large number of surveillance cameras installed is clearly a home whose owner takes a high degree of care with regard to crime prevention, and that alone can often make a robber think twice before entering. But once the intruder has already crossed that line, does it really make a difference how many surveillance cameras are set up around the home? 


In most cases, robbers will have anticipated being caught on camera, and so will cover their faces. What they are more afraid of is not being caught on film, but loud alarms and sirens giving their presence away immediately. By installing a security system outside and combining it with the surveillance camera system, we can notice an intruder the moment he enters the grounds, and hopefully scare him off before he even gets up to the door.

Increasing the Level of Counter-Crime Measures Leads to an Increase in Property Value

By installing a sophisticated outdoor security system, we can not only grant peace of mind to residents but improve the value of the property as a piece of real estate. Safety and security are an important factor in raising property values, just as much as a good transport infrastructure and day-to-day convenience.

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