Barrier Access
 Control System
Barrier Gate

Barriers are now ubiquitous and include rising arm barriers found in car parks, airport barriers and barriers used for concerts and venues. Car park barriers can be either rising arm barriers or automated and offer complete control of the entrance and exit points.

When considering barrier and gate security, it is wise to research which type of security measures meets your needs.

BAL3 4Meter 3 Sec Telescopic Arm

– Modern stylish design
– Arm length : 4 meters
– Speed : 3 Second

– Swing Away System
– Telescopic Arm

Mini Traffic Light

– Heavy Duty Traffic light (red & green) can be added to further enhance safety.

Loop Dectector

– Optimum performance single channel loop detector. Design to be more affordable for site that require standard function.

BAHS 4Meter 1.5-4Sec Telescopic Arm

– Modern stylish design
– Arm length : 4 meters
– Speed : 1.5-4 Second

– Swing Away System
– Straight Arm

Goose Neck

– Typically used to house proximity reader in parking access control system. (Weatherproof)

BAHS6 6Meter 5-6 Sec Telescopic Arm

– Modern stylish design
– Arm length : 5-6 meters
– Speed : 4 Second

– Swing Away System
– Straight Arm

Triple Push Button

– Triple push button for barrier gate come with Box. UP, STOP, DOWN.

loop coil.jpg
Loop Coil

– 30 Meter  loop coil for vehicle detection.

Integrate with Access System

It has been proved that barrier security are a deterrent to the thief, but they cannot guarantee a complete secure environment. Another consideration is the use of electronic key cards or keypads that may be used in conjunction with barrier security.

  • 2 Door IP Access Controller

  • Direct IP Lan

  • Encrypted IP

  • High Capacity

  • True 2 Doors / 4 Readers Capability

  • Integration Reader (CCTV)

Integrate Plato Reader As Short Range Reader
  • Slim and stylish design

  • Weather proof

  • Using RS485 – longer distance (up to 1km away from controller)

  • EM/ Mifare CSN / CEPAS / Mifare Sector Reading

  • Better security with 16-digit card numbers

  • Touch Sense keypad

  • Colour LCD

  • 2 stylish LED indicators

  • Built-in buzzer

Integrate With Long Range Reader
Long range reader.png
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