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Get Frustrated by holding Bunch Of Keys ?


In a busy life, are you still always worry how to keep the house key safe? Always left your house key behind when travel to work? Always get frustrated by leaving your house key at workspace once you got home? Life is short, why you spending so much time just for a key?
忙碌的生活,你是否天天为了守护一大串钥匙,而烦恼?出门时忘了拿大门钥匙,回到家才发现家里的大门钥匙忘了拿!! 一来一回,时间都没了.

Kaadas K7 Digital Door Lock Make Your Life Easier

Kaadas 电子锁使您的生活更轻松

KAADAS invited Germany BMW senior designer  as the official Chief Design Consultant of KAADAS’s global R&D center.

High Security Digital Door Lock


5A Level temper glass keypad

Famous Actor Who Loves Kaadas


The Most Secured & Best Quality Digital Door Lock In The  Market

The Long awaited KAADAS K7 have finally been launched.

​德国知名品牌 KAADAS K7终于面世了.

2 different type of colour are available : Gold & Silver
2种颜色任君选择 :选择金和银.

Start From  RM 1,888

RM157 per month

Special Offer End Before

11/11/2020 12AM

While Stocks Last

享受双11优惠,优惠将在11/11/2020 12am 截至售完即止

SAVE Up To RM200 By Key In

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We are Security Profession


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We Care About You, We Won't Disappear, We Do Provide After Sales Service

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Most people don’t like to talk about age, but we’re proud of ours! Pavilion Electronic Enterprise Sdn. Bhd was founded in 1985 as a security company. After 32 years in business, today we have grown to become the pioneer in security industry by providing one stop security solution. We are endlessly putting tremendous efforts in research and development to ensure that we not only meet market standards but also to constantly upgrade ourselves in order to cater to our customer’s rapidly changing needs.

大多数人不喜欢谈论年龄,但我们为自己的年龄感到自豪! 光艺电子企业有限公司,成立于1985年,是一家拥有35年经验的安仿公司。提供一站式的安防方案…...

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Why Kaadas ?

The brand of KAADAS was born in Germany which is famous for rigorous and precise manufacturing. From the beginning, KAADAS insisted on researching & developing and manufacturing smart lock products which have excellent quality, convenient and comfortable using experience, simple and stylish appearance. Therefore, KAADAS invited Germany BMW senior designer (Georg Allmendinger) who has advanced industrial design concepts as the official Chief Design Consultant of KAADAS’s global R&D center.

KAADAS inherited the essence of BMW Automobile which is rigorous, precise, stylish, safe and reliable, and has become one of the representatives of the modern smart lock brands. By far, the most secured and best quality Digital Door Lock in the market!

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