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Looking for a gate system that provides enhanced security, convenience, and ease of use? Consider a smart autogate! With advanced features like remote access control, voice control, mobile app control, and video monitoring, a smart autogate offers the ultimate gate control experience.

No more fumbling with keys or remotes - with a smart autogate, you can open and close the gate from anywhere using your mobile device or voice commands.


You can also monitor the gate area in real-time with the built-in cameras and receive alerts on your mobile device if there is any activity at the gate. And with easy installation and user-friendly interfaces, a smart autogate is perfect for anyone looking for a hassle-free gate system.

Upgrade to a smart autogate today and experience the benefits of advanced gate control technology!

Up to 300++ site has installed Our Smart Autogate in 2023


Enhanced security

Smart autogates typically come with advanced security features like video monitoring, which can help prevent unauthorized access and monitor activity around the gate area.


With remote access control, voice control, and mobile app control, a smart autogate provides a hassle-free gate control experience. You no longer need to carry keys or fumble with remotes to open and close the gate.


While smart autogates may have a higher upfront cost than traditional gate systems, they can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for maintenance, repairs, and replacements. (Brushless Series)

We have great Solutions for Sliding, Swing & Folding type gates