Security Alarm System

Basic Alarm system come with 8 zone, support Apps control : SCloud & M2M.

CCTV Survilliane System


You always feel better when you can see for yourself that things are okay.


Imported Alarm come with 32 Zone 4 partition support mobile Apps control.


World leading sensor technology, provide 4 layer protection.

Card Access System

Standalone /

IP Finger Print

Standalone and time attendance access system.

IP Networking date record card access system.

Automation Gate System


Complete sliding gate automation systems, reliable and adaptable to all gate structures.


Our access system is a designer decor element. Latest generation of retractable road bollards.

Automation systems for swing gates of different capacities.


All the convenience of automation for opening and closing blinds. Robust and silent, it is the ideal choice for any work place.

Our trackless folding gate system, won the HOMEDEC Quality Award in October 2009.

faac s680h.png

High performance and awesome good looks for this road barrier, ideal for any environment and high use intensity.

Security Fence

druid png.png

Security electric fences consist of wires that carry pulses of electric current to provide a non-lethal shock to deter potential intruders.